Our Work

Activating Our Communites – Mobilizing Our People – Protecting Our Ways of Life

NPA Community Fund plays a unique role in activating our communities and mobilizing people to take a stand and work together to protect our ways of life. We infuse culture, traditional Alaska Native ways of life, relationships and partnerships state- and nation-wide, knowledge of governance systems, and technology to bring transparency and systemic change for Alaska Native people. We understand the importance of diversifying our government; we need the leaders of our governance structures to reflect the diversity of Alaska to best serve its peoples. Engaging more people in participating in elections is an important step in bringing change, but we also recognize the responsibility we have in bringing our communities together and having a healing-centered approach in activating communities. Every area of our work is an extension of our operating principles. Here are some areas NPA Community Fund is focused on.

Get Out The Native Vote

Operating Principles: Be Heard. Be Seen.

Our vision: Every Alaska Native will vote in every election. We will increase the voice of Alaska Native people and ensure our values are taken into account in all spaces. We will empower our communities to rise up and vote our values and inspire the next generation to be active in the voting and voter registration process.

Interested in joining our volunteer list? Email info@nativepeoplesaction.org be sure to identify how you would like to volunteer, where you are from and where you currently live. Kitaki! (let’s do it, Yup’ik)

Building Partnerships & Community Outreach

Operating Principles: Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Grounded.

We establish and build partnerships with tribes, corporations, communities and individuals. We continue to increase our statewide reach, hear directly from people and communities to help shape our work, and enhance our ability to amplify efforts across the state. We operate with a solutions-based approach including advocacy for policy change, advocacy to establish and/or increase funding for policy and systemic change, grassroots efforts to support community healing and truth-telling, community organizing to raise issue awareness by hosting rallies, healing ceremonies, marches and community gatherings, and advocacy on local levels including but not limited to community assemblies/city councils, police departments and for better working relationships with tribes and community members.

Youth Empowerment

Operating Principles: Be Heard. Be Seen. Be Grounded. Be Well.

Our youth are our future. We enhance the voices of our youth and encourage their participation. Our future generations will lead the way in change for our communities. We need to pass on our knowledge and empower their voices so they take charge, make change and will not be bystanders.

Interested in having NPACF visit your school or classroom? Contact us today! We share about Alaska Native culture, how and why to be involved in government and tribal structures in which people are representing us, and helping youth to understand the power of their voice and when/how to use it!

Advocacy & Healing

Operating Principles: Be Well. Be Heard. Be Seen.

We are helping to lead the way in bringing true systemic change and organizing community and self healing on the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and girls. Here are some ways we’ve been organizing:

– Gatherings to help inspire wellness, healing, uniting and supporting each other
– An Indigenous-led educational campaign to increase awareness
– Continuing to build partnerships
– Advocacy efforts for change

Interested in training opportunities? Contact us today and we will assist in coordinating the following training opportunties: Cultural Awareness Training, Decolonization Training, Leadership in Policy and Advocacy, Be A Good Partner & Land Acknowledgement.