Get Out The Native Vote!

Our ancestors fought for our right to vote. Now, more than ever, people are using their voice to make a difference. It’s time to #WarriorUp and VOTE. Did you know that Alaska has the highest Indigenous population as a percentage of the population by any state across the United States? Together we elect people into office who will work alongside Indigenous people to protect our people and ways of life. Every Alaska Native vote counts!
Download NPA Community Fund’s GOTNV Toolkit here!

Check your voter regisration status today.
Language assistance is available as well and should be available at all polling locations. Check out the language resources available for you, your relatives or neighbors.

Different Ways To Vote – Quick Overview

ABSENTEE IN-PERSON: Absentee in person voting is available at all voting locations. When voting absentee in-person, your eligibility to vote in the election is verified after voting. You must still apply for an absentee ballot.

ABSENTEE BY-MAIL: This is known as both absentee voting and voting by mail. Alaskans can request an application to vote from home for any reason (anyone can vote from home). Apply online. If you don’t have a computer, register in-person at any Division of Elections Office or visit a voter registration agency in your area.

SPECIAL NEEDS VOTING: If you are unable to vote in person due to age, serious illness or disability, you can have a personal representative pick up a ballot

IN-PERSON VOTING: Requires you to physically go to your polling place to vote. NPACF recommends voting by absentee to reduce the spread of COVID19.

ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION VOTING: If the above voting options are not accessible, you can apply to receive your ballot by online delivery or fax. You must still return your ballot by mail. You cannot vote online.

If you are voting Absentee By-Mail, you will need a witness to sign your ballot. Your witness can be anyone over the age of 18. You may also choose to have an authorized official (Notary Public, municipal clerk, postal official, or any other official authorized and willing to administer the oath) but this is not necessary.


Every Alaskan can vote from home.

You have the ability to vote at home by requesting an absentee ballot through a quick and easy application. You must fill out an absentee ballot application and return it to the Division of Elections at least ten (10) days before the election.

How to submit your absentee ballot tutorial: Facebook Video


Quick Takeaways:

Absentee ballot voting is conducted by mailing in your ballot on or before Election Day
– Anyone can request an absentee ballot, you do not need a reason!
– COVID19 cases continue to rise. Voting absentee is a safe and secure way to make our voices heard while protecting ourselves and communities.


Early voting begins fifteen (15) days before the primary and general election.

Based on your address, you will have an assigned polling location. To find your polling location, dates and hours, check out this website.

Don’t forget to wear your mask, physical distance (6 feet or more) and wash your hands! Bring hand sanitizer if you’re able. It’s important that your vote is counted and you stay safe and healthy while you vote!

Besides your polling precinct, there are other early voting locations including the municipal building in downtown Anchorage, Alaska Native Medical Center, Division of Elections on Gambell Street and many other locations in Anchorage and across the state.