Advocacy & Healing

While advocating for change, we are healing at the same time.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womxn and Girls

NPACF advocates for the wellness and protection of Alaska Native peoples. For change, we need everyone working together. Visit MMIWG Alaska page for more information.

Climate Justice

As the world is in a state of change and regrowth, it is important that we take this time as we are home social distancing, to slow down and reassess the way that we are walking on this earth. The old extractive ways that have caused destruction on the lands and waters, are not sustainable and now is the time for us to reevaluate the most important needs and to do so in a way that is just and equitable for everyone. We need to move forward with everyone and all beings, this includes the land, the water, the animals and all that call this place home. We have to be good stewards again. We need to honor the first people of this land and remember the ways of our ancestors and how they had balance. Not taking more than we need and leaving the land just as we found it.

We feel the firsthand effects of climate change in Alaska. In summer 2019, we saw record heat, record draughts, and hundreds of thousands of salmon dying due to heat stroke before they were able to spawn. We have never seen anything like this before. We cannot wait any longer for action. We have lived in harmony with the land, our cultures, animals and waters for thousands of years.

As Alaska and the rest of the world looks to shift away from an extractive economy, we believe that Indigenous people have a lot of the answers. The solution is uplifting the knowledge systems of the peoples who have lived in a healthy relationship with the lands and waters for thousands of years.

In January 2020 The Alaska Just Transition Summit facilitated Indigenous and non-Indigenous collaboration to build critical thinking around economic and social transition, construct a popular shared vision for the future, and create collective strategies that can move us forward.

Check out the Alaska Just Transition Network for more information. Just Transition is a framework for a fair shift to an economy that is ecologically sustainable, equitable and just for all Alaskans.

Community Healing

Indigenous Womxn’s Gatherings
The health of our community is very important to us. We are getting creative in ways to stay connected while we practice physical distancing. We co-host Indigenous Womxn’s Gatherings which now online until further notice. Join us online! Bring your sewing or beading project and build community together. The photos below are from pre-COVID19 when we were able to gather in-person.

Native Humor Night
In December, NPACF co-hosted a Native Humor Night – the first of it’s kind in Anchorage! Over 300 people joined in an evening of Native Humor expressed through comedy, skit, storytelling, open mic and games. The event was open to the public with a community potluck, full program with community members as well as a mama and baby donation drive with items donated to the ANMC mother and baby unit during the holiday season. Thank you to NPA, Native Movement, Southcentral Foundation and the Acilquq dance group.

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