Native Peoples Action Community Fund was founded by a group of 15 volunteers who came together and began grassroots organizing in 2016, and then decided to incorporate to build a vehicle through which their vision could be driven. These statewide volunteers lead the advisory committee and board of directors and include Indigenous artists, attorneys, university professors, tribal chiefs, grassroots organizers, legislative staffers, social justice warriors and land/water protectors who proactively and progressively work together for a healthy, happy, equitable and sustainable Alaska.

Our Mission

Native Peoples Action Community Fund is a statewide grassroots movement advancing the transition to a just society that provides for the continuation of our way of life and wellbeing of Alaska Native people.

Our History

Our sister organizations, Native Peoples Action and Native Peoples Action Community Fund, developed in direct response to the needs of our community, and depend heavily on the feedback, information sharing and direction of our Alaska Native peoples. We are working to build an inclusive movement to protect Alaska Native ways of life and elevate the voices of Alaska Natives in all levels of policy making and regulation. We are the only Indigenous non-profit organization of its kind in Alaska operating two sister organizations – Native Peoples Action (c4) and Native Peoples Action Community Fund (C3) to influence systems change. We continually focus on outreach to our Tribal leaders and communities to collect insight and guidance for our work, uplift the work of our communities and build partnerships that help to further our mission and goals.

Our Work

We work on projects that align with our mission and the needs of our communities. Some include:
Advocate to end the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two spirit relatives;
Increasing voter engagement and participation statewide;
Create spaces for community healing based on cultural values, teachings and ways of life;
● Activate Alaskans to be involved in the process of making system changes;
● Education efforts on protection of our lands, water, ways of life and people;
● Amplify Alaska Native voices, partner in the work being done in communities across Alaska.