COVID-19 Resources

Protecting Our People – Our Languages Our Lives

While Alaska may be “opening up,” we know that COVID-19 is still here and is a direct threat to our vulnerable communities. It is our responsibility to keep each other safe and healthy by continuing to practice protective measures such as physical distancing, hand washing, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, and wearing masks that cover our nose and mouth.

Native Peoples Action Community Fund and AKPIRG have teamed up to amplify the messages of our Alaska Native people in our own languages regarding COVID-19. These messages come directly from Elders and community members. Quyana to the language experts with the AKPIRG language panels for drafting and translating these important messages! We have to keep diligent in protecting one another and together we will get through this!

Learn more about the AKPIRG Yup’ik Language Panel
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