NPACF Climate Action Plan Survey

NPACF has heard an overwhelming amount of feedback from community members across Alaska that the threats of climate change are directly affecting our Indigenous ways of life. Fishing, hunting, gathering and our wellness depend on us to continue stewarding these lands in a responsible way. In response to what we have heard, NPACF is creating a Statewide Climate Action Plan.

The intent of this survey is to spread awareness to communities about the importance of climate change while gaining support and insight from relatives (you!) to add to our Statewide Climate Action Plan. This Statewide Climate Action Plan will help identify the threats created by climate change.

Some of the pressures of climate change can be:

  • Poor Water Quality (sewage contamination caused by permafrost damage)
  • Ice/Sea levels (flooding or droughts)
  • Erosion (forcing villages to relocate or individuals have to relocate)
  • Loss of Food Access (Subsistence, with high temperatures it can cause unsafe foods or spoilage)
  • Infestation (high increase in insects)
  • Unpredictable weather (unsafe travel on the river and droughts could effects the barge system)
  • Saltwater intrusion (rise in ice melting, could lead to erosion in communities, and less clean water.)

    We want to hear from relatives across Alaska! Tribal leaders, Tribal members, and more!