Election Workers Needed

What is the special election?

There is a special by-mail election occurring May 27th – June 11th  to replace the vacant Congressional House Seat after the passing of Congressman Don Young. This seat will serve out the rest of the current term, ending in January. This special election is not the same as the regular election to fill the congressional seat, the regular primary election will occur in August. 

Why do we need an Election Worker?

While this election is vote-by-mail, as we all know, mail can be an issue in rural areas – from postal workers not available to seasonal service to no service – election workers are crucial to ensuring that everyone in the community have a point of contact to receive their vote and voice in our special congressional election. 

How can I become an Election Worker?

Reach out to your Regional Division of Elections office

The Region IV Election Office (Districts 37-40: Northern, Western and Southwest Alaska, Aleutian Chain) contact is Shannon “Rena” Greene – she can be reached at 907-443-5285 or toll free at (866) 953-8683 or via email at rena.greene@alaska.gov

If you have additional questions you are also welcome to contact our NPA’s policy director at Arnaciar@nativepeoplesaction.org.

What is the pay?

$100 flat rate or an hourly rate of $12.50 an hour, depending on approval. Please note that you do not have to work the entire time – you can set your days and hours. You can determine your availability anytime during the period of May 27th – June 11th.  It does not have to be everyday all day but, set the days and times that work for you!